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First Look Into The Hive

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

So this was the weekend that ‘Mark the Bee-man’ had told us would be the earliest that we could put the Super on top of the brood box of the hive. I watched the Flowhive video on their site showing ‘how to add the hybrid super to your broodbox‘. It all looked relatively simple – of course it did. Everything looks simple when the experts are doing it and are not consistently questioning if they’re doing it right.

On Sunday I suited up and got ready to take off the lid and have a peek inside. One of the things Cedar mentioned on the video was that ideally, the bees would have filled up all of the brood frames before placing the Super ontop. Which was not what I found when I finally got in there.

As soon I tried to move the roof and top off it trapped and squashed a bee close to me. Other bees rushed to the now squashed, but still wriggling bee and looked at me accusingly. Eeeek – how was I going to manage this operation to have a look inside without squashing the other bees and becoming the latest hated giant in their land?

Well – as you can see by the video I tried my hardest to corral them back into the hive without trapping any of their brethren (actually I think that’s a male term when most of the bees are predominately female). With the quick glance that I got, it seemed that the last 2 brood frames still looked empty. I managed to get the roof back and texted Matt to see what he thought – ‘You should go ahead and try it regardless’. So tried it will did.

Next weekend we’ll be putting the Super to the top. Stay tuned and let’s see if I can keep most of the bees in one piece!

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