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Concerns of a new beekeeper

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I watched the Beginner Beekeeper videos on HoneyFlow – and whilst beig very informative it has also made me a little nervous about the amount of different things I should be looking for when I inspect the hive.

I’m sure this is completely normal but I’m going to list all the things that are playing on my mind as a newbie to beekeeping and about to open the hive and pull out the brood frames for the first time.

  • What am I actually looking for?

  • What if I lose the Queen?

  • What if I put too much smoke in – does this harm the bees?

  • Am I going to squash any bees as I do this?

  • What if I find something that doesn’t look great – and I have to destroy the hive?

  • Is it detrimental to add the Super to the top if they haven’t filled all of the brood frames?

I’m finding that there is lots of activity around the hive everyday between 1pm and 2pm. I’m not sure whether this is because the hive just starts to go into shade or whether it’s the middle of the day … must do a little more reading on this. But it does amaze me just how many bees there are flying around in and around the hive and crawling near the entrance.

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