For the past 2 years, we have walked past a house, on our way down to Freshwater beach, that has a beautiful veggie garden out the front with lots of lavender and it is always buzzing with bees.


Noah would always ask us questions about the bees and as he became more and more curious we began to run out of answers (and ideas). So, we did what every parent of a 3-year-old does when the 'but why' gets too hard to answer … we turned to google.


We quickly became just as fascinated as he was in the bees and his interest in these amazing creatures inspired us to become urban beekeepers in Freshwater, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  

Mark and Noah settig up the beehive


We did quite a bit of research and saw the Flow Hive, an Australian invention, as a way to begin our journey into being apiarists. We took our time to look at reviews of the Flow Hive and try to understand what would be involved. It did take us 6 months to finally make the purchase - it’s a big investment not only financially but in terms of time. Time to set everything up and commit to nurturing and caring for a colony of bees. 

A lot has been said about the Flow Hive - just like any tradition that has been around for a long time people have their opinions on beekeeping.

Does the Flow Hive make beekeeping ‘look’ easier than it is … yes. Would we have become novice beekeepers if we had recognised the breadth and depth of work it can take if you are invested in really learning how to be a great beekeeper? Maybe not. So, I am very happy with the Flow Hive helping us to make the step into the great unknown and become absolute beginners again (A path I would highly recommend for stretching you emotionally, physically, and mentally). However, as we have grown in our experience and journey we have added a hybrid into the mix and we have a few tips for those who are wanting to know the pros and cons.


We started with one hive in December 2018. We ordered it off the Flow Hive website and put it together ourselves (more on that in the blog). We then had to track down a ‘nuc’. Where do you find a nuc when you don’t know anyone who has bees? The obvious place of course … gumtree!

I have to say we got really really lucky and found an amazing queen breeder and supplier of nuc’s in Mark @pittwaterbees. I cannot say enough about the quality of his queens, his knowledge and approach to being a beekeeper. I’m lucky to have him as a great mentor and he has helped me expand our original hive to two with a few more layers on each hive.

This journey has not only opened our minds to how unique our ecosystem and the animals that live in it are. It’s connected us more with our local community as we tend to be the crazy bee people who talk up the bees. 

Whilst we didn’t get the bees for the honey - which you might find strange -  I have to say I had no idea how amazing raw honey can taste. And it tastes different throughout the seasons based on the flora and nectar available to our bees. 

That brings us up to today. Mark’s queens have been so productive and both colonies are so strong we thought we should start sharing the bee-love with the community in the form of Noah’s Bees Freshwater honey.   

As we are dependent on the season, the rainfall, and flora available we don’t have an unending supply. But, when we do it will be up on the website for purchase. 

We hope you love the fruits of their labour as much as we love caring for them and maybe you might be inspired to give beekeeping a go!

If you’d like to follow us for more regular updates you can follow us on instagram and we’ll be posting more regular videos on the site soon.


Amy, Ian, Noah,
Fatchops the dog and
of course, Noah’s Bees